Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream

So this was an item I bought off Sasa which I had mentioned in my previous post just underneath this one! I thought being the ripe age of 20 it was time to get an eye cream (I really should have started a little earlier).

The eye cream I got was the C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream 25mL for US$4.20 (apparently it is normally US$16.30) which turned ended out to be about AU$4- really cheap! I'm always wary of really cheap products, wondering if their quality is sub-standard, but after reading a few reviews on the Sasa page, it seemed to have quite a lot of reviews! So, why not?

Nice light green colour, very subtle scent
Here is a description of the eye cream according to Sasa:
C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream is an exclusive non-greasy and soft touch watery formula. Enriched with natural green tea extract as anti-oxidant and moisturizing active. Arbutin are proved to be effective for anti-spot. Whitening essentials and eyeliss helps tightens eye bags and lighten dark circles. Your skin will stay firm and maintain hydro balance for suppleness and softness.
Apply daily in the morning and night by lightly tapping around on cleansed eyes contour area from the inside towards the outside.
Suitable for all skin types
 C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream: The back of the box
 Lately I've been having bags under my eyes (damn you uni!) so I've been hoping that this eye cream would help, but I didn't really expect it to do anything. However after using it for a couple of weeks now, I think it actually does help lighten dark circles. The cream feels so refreshing and there is no obvious scent- but if you smell it directly, it has a very fresh, subtle scent of green tea. I'm not too sure if it has "tightened" my eye bags, but they have been looking much improved lately- and it definitely has relieved dryness. I was very surprised with this eye cream, its texture is lovely, easy to apply and just so refreshing! At this price I would definitely repurchase (if I don't find another new eye cream/gel to try). This 25mL jar may seem like a small amount, but such a little amount is needed to apply it and it will last!

Verdict? Wow. Surprising results, especially since I didn't expect much. I've been meaning to try the Burt's Bee Radiance Eye Cream, but I think I'll use this up before I try anything else (I'm one of those people who keep buying new products before the old ones are used up :P )

Have you ever bought something with low expectations for it but was pleasantly surprised?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sasa Haul & review of MURAQI Konjac Sponge

So about two weeks ago there was a sale with free worldwide shipping (hooray!) so I decided to try a few products! I only bought skincare products though as I had really needed to hydrate my skin, and this is what I got:
L-R:  C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream, Laneige Special Treatment Water Sleep Pack_Ex, C+M VOOM Water Recovery Essence, C+M 24h Super Hydrating UV Brightening Gel Cream, Muraqi Konjac Sponge

Here is how much I paid for each item:

C+M Green Tea Whitening & Firming Eye Cream (25mL): US$4.20
Laneige Special Treatment Water Sleep Pack_Ex (20mL): US$5.30
C+M VOOM Water Recovery Essence (60mL): US$10.60
C+M 24h Super Hydrating UV Brightening Gel Cream (45mL): US$6.80
Muraqi Konjac Sponge (qty 1): US$4.50
TOTAL: US$31.40

What a buy! Seriously cheap products (all of them had some sort of discount to them)- with quality that definitely surprised me, especially for their price. 

I'll definitely do a thorough review of all these products but today I will doing it on the Muraqi Konjac sponge.

It's a love heart! :)
I had heard great things about Kuu Konjac sponges and I really wanted to try one- although I wasn't very eager to spend $9 plus around $5 postage for one. Here is a bit about the sponges from the Kuu Konjac website:
How Does KUU Konjac Sponge Work?
The KUU Konjac Sponge gently cleanses and soothes the skin by removing dirt and oil, naturally restoring the pH level of the skin. Cleansing helps to stimulate blood flow and encourage new skin cells, revitalising the complexion without damaging the skin.
The KUU Konjac sponge is highly absorbent in both water and oils and is excellent for thorough cleansing of impurities. The pH level of the sponge is an alkaline and has the function to break down dirt and neautralise acidic and oily areas.
After just one use you will feel the difference by cleansing with the KUU Konjac Sponge, your skin will feel revitalised and your skin care routine will have been transformed.
However while I was on Sasa, I decided to have a look if they had Konjac sponges! They did, but not the Kuu brand. I got the Muraqi one for $4.50, half the price of the Kuu! But the different branded Konjac sponges should be very similar, shouldn't they?

And if there's anyone who can read Japanese that's willing to translate this for me, please do? :D

I was the most excited to try out the sponge as I had heard so many good reviews on it! How could a sponge and water alone possibly make skin nice and soft? When I took it out of the packaging it was soft and moist, and wow it felt very nice. My verdict? It's such a novel experience! It felt very gentle on the skin and the heart shape actually made it contour to my face. The most oddest feeling was squeezing the water out of the sponge, it was sort of "slimy". That was when I realised there must be just magic happening in the sponge, haha! (No, I didn't use cleanser on it, just water). Has it made my skin better? Well I can't actually tell but the sponge has made my skin a little softer, plus it is so gentle on the skin and fun to use!

Perhaps one day I will purchase the Kuu Konjac sponges, if they ever have an offer or if I see it instore somewhere. And I'll definitely be doing reviews for the other products in the near future!

Who has tried Konjac sponges before? Or if you haven't, are you interested in them?